Hardwood, wood and wood products, softwood, logs, plywood, veneer, LVL boards, wooden floors and other wood products

Our products

Hardwood, wood and wood products, softwood, logs, plywood, veneer, LVL boards, wooden floors and other wood products

Un-edged beech


We produce a good volume of un-edged beech timber either KD, fresh or AD Steamed or light color un-steamed with standard thickness:
Widths: 150mm and wider Length 2000mm and longer
We produce according to European standard quality A,AB,BC and ABC log-run grades.



We have good choices of beech lumber main thickness are 25,32,38,50,60,75,80mm

1)super short 300-900mm Available with quality A & CND
2) Shorts 1000-2000mm Available with qualities A & CND & BC
3) Longs 2100mm and longer Available with qualities A, AB, #1 common and #2 common

White Oak Unedged and Boules


Un-edged white Oak commonly available with all standard thickness Fresh/AD/KD:
Lengths 2000mm and longer
Qualities available for Europe I-III, A & AB grades
Asia and other markets we have FAS , # 1&2common grades.
We produce White Oak Boules cut from the finest quality wood logs minimum diameter 45cm and up and length on demand 2m and longer or 3m and longer, thickness cut on demand.

Edged Oak


We produce European Prime grade square edged Oak on main thickness: 26,40,50,65,75,80mm We are specialized on thicker sizes for West European markets. We do only Mill-run lengths 300-900m, 1000-2000mm & 2100mm and longer. We produce also White Oak KD FAS, # 1common, # 2common & # 3common grades for Middle East and Asia and additionally we do Oak Beams and sleepers Oak beams and flooring strips.

White Ash timber edged and Unedged


White Ash Edged and Unedged available with thicknesses
25,32,50,70mm, and possible to do any special thicknesses
Lengths 2000mm and longer
Qualties FAS, #1common aslo ABC Log-run

Poplar KD


Euroforest is the largest exporter of European hard poplar clone 1214 from our region to the world wide un-edged or square edged with economic cost suitable for all kind of furniture, doors and thermo outdoor and sauna panels.
Our standard Poplar sizes are 25,32,38,50mm Kiln dried mainly

Spruce Elements


We are the main exporter of Spruce timber from our region with large capacity unto 20.000m3 per month of AD Anti stain treated spruce
Mainly doing the 4000mm and few other lengths 3000/5000 and 3600/3700/4500mm
We are also doing Prime grade clean spruce lumber in 1″ and 2” for music instrument and paneling.

Other European timber products of Euroforest


We supply red Oak and seasons Basswood “ Linden” Cherry, Sycamore , walnut, alder, Hornbeams, Birch and few others Available upon demand please contact us for any request.

International wood products


Euro forest provides you wood from all around the world with firm delivery timing our
exports regions and products as below:
1) Asia: Malaysian Yellow & red Meranti, Burmese Teak, Indian teak, and Indian plantation teak.
2) North America, Red Oak, Ash, walnut , Maple & SPF
3) South America , Eucalyptus, Radiata Pine, Eliiote Pine, Garapa, & Brazilian teak.
4) African, Iroko, Sapelli, Okoume, Mixed redwood, Tali, Plantation teak, Debema, Savana , and some other redwoods.

Sawmills machines and tools


Euroforest provide high quality wooden profiled drying stickers 25x35x1150mm standard size and can make custom cut size mainly Hornbeam timber stickers.
We also sell used sawmill machines and kiln drying chambers and equipment on economic cost.

Wooden Elements and Squares


We do Oak elements for floorings, lamella and Finger Jointed panels.
Also beech and Oak squares 25×50-80mm, 32×32,38×38, 38×50, 50x50mm A and B and Rustic grade
Lengths 250-1600mm as per customer demand, we do other hard woods elements and squares such of Ash, Walnut, Cherry and poplar.

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